About The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association is the trade association for the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry. Today, we have more than 350 member companies and for almost 30 years, we have contributed to their development as suppliers by working actively as their spokesperson towards industry, politicians, authorities and media. Also, we create meeting places, strengthen business relations, provide opportunities for growth and work with the competence of the industry.

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association is member of Clepa, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, and benefits from this network to cultivate contacts and strengthening the position of the suppliers. From a legal point of view, we are a non-profit organization which, in turn, owns a company where all activities take place.

The general meeting appoints the board to the committee as well as to the company. As in all committees, business and membership are regulated by the statutes of the committee.