Go Market ”Russian engine producers” starting May 24 2015

Day 1 – Travel day. Sweden – Moscow (air)-Jaroslavl (train)

Day 2 – Meeting with JaMZ in Jaroslavl – Bus to Nizhnij Novgorod

Day 3 – Meeting with ZMZ in Zavolzhye – Back to Nizhnij Novgorod

Day 4 – Meeting with GAZ in Nizhnij Novgorod – Bus to Cheboksary

Day 5 – Meeting with Traktornye Zavody in Cheboksary – Bus to Uljanovsk

Day 6 – Meeting with UMZ in Uljanovsk – Back to Sweden

This is a proposed itinerary, as there are possibilities that GAZ wants to centralise all meetings in Nizhnij Novgorod, and then Jaroslavl and Uljanovsk are not on the itinerary. It is not really possible to predict how they want to arrange such meetings. If this situation occurs, the itinerary may be shortened by 1 or 2 days.

Time frame: In order to be able to plan in a good way, and in order to arrange visas etc. we plan to make this trip during week 22, i.e. 24th – 29th May, 2015.

Deadline to apply: In order to be able to organize these visits we need to have your confirmation of participation not later than 25th March.

Other: We need to be at least four (4) participating companies in order to make this trip worthwhile.